JFK Life

Student Government Association


Student Government is a class composed of a group of students who, through leadership, service, and collaboration, coordinate and organize school-wide and class activities. Students are assigned to a number of committees that organize dances, rallies, ASB elections, and club events. Students of the same graduating class work together to organize and fundraise for class-specific activities, such as Junior Prom, Senior Ball, Float Building, etc. Students will receive 10 units of elective credit for passing both semesters of Student Government.

The Clarion


The Clarion is written, edited and produced by members of the JFK Clarion Media club. It is a non-profit publication paid for by advertisements and donations. The Clarion newspaper was established as an open forum for student expression. The content of the Clarion reflects the interests and ideas of students but not necessarily those of JFK administration, faculty and staff.