(a-g) / Graduation Requirement
10 Credits
Grade Level: 11-12
Grade Restrictions: 11th – 12th Grade Only

Prerequisites: Must have completed Integrated Math I & II with a “C” or better in both semesters / Currently enrolled in Integrated Math III or higher
(Satisfies Physical Science Graduation Requirement and UC/CSU Physical Science “a-g” requirement)
Physics is a year-long course, which examines motion, forces, energy, heat, waves, electricity and more. The physics field ranges from the far reaches of the universe to the insides of atoms. This course covers not only the body of knowledge that we call physics but also stresses the history of and the ongoing research into the adventure we call science. The course emphasizes laboratory work and exploration by students. We can hope for best results if we clearly present how science works and the processes and methods which expand scientific knowledge.