(a-g) / Graduation Requirement
10 Credits
Grade Level: 10th
Grade Level Restrictions: PACE 10th Grade Only

Prerequisites: Acceptance in to the PACE Program
(Satisfies ENGLISH 10 Graduation Requirements)
PACE Advanced English 10P is an extensive, two-semester, literature-based course designed to prepare sophomores with reading, writing, speaking and listening skills necessary for success in high school and college. Students will study curriculum focused on mastering the California State Standards for English Language Arts and extend skills developed in earlier grades. In addition, students will learn to write a variety of essays and receive direct instruction in test taking strategies. Vocabulary development and grammar instruction will be integrated into all units. Book Club, mini-research and projects will be assigned. Two field trips and two cultural events are also required along with 30 hours of community service. The curriculum in this class follows the standards and benchmarks outlined by the State of California.