(a-g) / Elective
10 Credits
Grade Level: 9-12
Grade Level Restrictions: None

Prerequisites: 2nd Level Chinese Mandarin or equivalent with “B” or better / “C” with teacher recommendation
(Satisfies the Foreign Language Graduation Requirement)
Students continue to develop cultural awareness and communication skills involving reading, writing, listening and speaking. The emphasis is on comprehension and production of normal speech on general topics, including travel, emergency assistance, health, simple business transactions, politics, traditions, customs and habits. Students will demonstrate knowledge of grammatical detail. The emphasis at Level 3 is in refinement and fluency. All the major structures will be reviewed and commonly used written structure will be given emphasis. A large portion of course time will be devoted to developing reading and writing skills, which reinforce oral expression. Classroom activities are related to the real world and include developing awareness for acceptable behavior in the Chinese culture.