(a-g) / Elective
10 Credits
Grade Level: 9-12
Grade Level Restrictions: None

Prerequisites: 3rd Level French with “B” or better / “C” with teacher recommendation
(Satisfies the Foreign Language Graduation Requirement)
Students at this level of language are moving from Stage 4 to Stage 5, developing more cultural awareness and communication skills involving reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The emphasis is on comprehension and normal speech on general topics and more complex literary selections with more in depth analysis using literary and rhetorical devices. Grammar is revisited and reviewed, polishing along the way. Students practice extensively in oral communication practicing formal and informal exchanges on concrete and abstract topics, using native-like discourse strategies. They write poetry, daily journals, compositions, and weekly 20 minute AP practice essays, and hone other AP practice tests of Reading, Grammar (function words & verbs from 15 different tenses, adding speaking practice based on picture series). Classroom activities are related to the real world and
include developing an awareness of acceptable behavior in the “francophone” cultures (French AP Course of study). Most universities accept this course for college credit provided a passing score on the National AP Examination (in May).