(a-g) / Elective
10 Credits
Grade Level: 9-12
Grade Level Restrictions: None

Prerequisites: 3rd Level Chinese Mandarin with a “B” or better / “C” with teacher recommendation
(Satisfies the Foreign Language Graduation Requirement)
This course is the expansion and continuation from the previous three levels of Mandarin. Students will continue to develop communication skills involving writing, listening and speaking. There will be an emphasis on the comprehension and production of normal speech on general topics and literary section. This includes making choices, stating preferences, giving advice, expressing feelings and participating in discussions on current topics. Communication skills and writing skills will be extensively covered and developed in formal and informal exchanges on concrete and abstract topics. Native-like discourse strategies will be covered. Structures commonly found in the language will be studied in relation to the situation presented, such as the Chinese syntactical structures that are most different from the English structures.