(a-g) / Graduation Requirement
10 Credits
Grade Level: 11-12
Grade Restrictions: 11th – 12th Grade Only

John F. Kennedy High School – Course Catalog – 2017/2018 Page 23
Prerequisites: Biology / Molecular Biology with grade “B” or better, “B” or better in Chemistry, Concurrent enrollment in Integrated Math II or higher
(Satisfies Biology Science Graduation Requirement and University of California Life Science “a-g” requirement)
AP Biology is a rigorous, college-level course for highly motivated and college-bound students who are interested in pursuing a career in science. The course will cover in depth all important concepts of college biology with the emphasis on students’ development of critical thinking and analytical skills, rather than memorizing terms and technical details. AP Biology will focus on major recurring themes in biology including science as a process, evolution, energy transfer, continuity and change, relationship of structure to function, regulation, interdependence of nature, science, technology, and society. Students will develop their verbal, written, and graphic communication skills through laboratory reports, summary of literature or scientific investigation, and published scientific journals. In addition, the course provides students with opportunities to connect their biological and scientific knowledge to major biosocial issues and become scientifically literate citizens. The AP labs are equivalent of those in college biology courses. Honor credits will be awarded and some universities accept this course for credits provided a passing score on the National AP Exam in May.